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L.A.B is:
Michaela Therese (vocals)
Aya Sekine (keyboards)
Tim De Cotta (bass / backup vocals)
Teo Jia Rong (drums)


Listen and Believe a.k.a L.A.B. was formed in September 2012. It was born out of a love for limitless experimentation and open examination in music. There are many variables, but the one constant is soul. L.A.B thrives in an environment of experimentation. Within this spirit of the “laboratory”, things tend to happen spontaneously and organically, playing on the rich foundation of the members’ individual musical backgrounds. Their original material is heavily influenced by Soul, Neo-soul, Funk, Hip-hop and Jazz with haunting melodies laden with improvisations riding on top of driving bass and drum grooves. However, they do not limit themselves to any genre. Soul, Hiphop and Jazz may be their main medium, but the world of music is always their bigger picture.


As a band L.A.B has played for Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade, Theatres by the Bay, and organized their own mini tour, the Tiger Trek, in Malaysia in June 2014.


Apart from this, the band founded a series called The Sus Sessions, which debuted in May 2013. These sessions is to ignite ideas from the different reactions that occur when they interact with other musicians or venues –as the word ‘sus’ is an abbreviation of ‘suspended’ or ‘suspense’. For these sessions, L.A.B has collaborated with established bands like the Bassment Syndicate (Malaysia) and Saigenji (Japan).

Collaborations and the exchange of musical ideas and cultures is at the heart of The Sus Sessions, and also, at the heart of L.A.B’s approach to music.


Each member of L.A.B. is also a staple, individual driving force in the Singapore music scene and has given raved-about performances regionally and internationally. The band features the soulful voice of lead vocalist Michaela Therese, the bass sounds and legit rhymes of Tim De Cotta, the tasty bebop-influenced lines of keyboardist Aya Sekine and the drum machine that is Teo Jia Rong.


L.A.B’s first studio recording session will be released by the end of 2015. All they ask is that you Listen And Believe. 


Download L.A.B's full press kit here.


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